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Its cold here, but Ive heated the studio and am happily painting today.  Here is a link to an article I wrote for online magazine, titled “the rural studio” .

OVER UNDERHappy New Year ! The last year has been a continuation  of my  “Unleashed ” paintings and prints  created in Knife River, Minnesota and at The Fine Arts Work Center summer program in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The work originated with the  Lizzards Gallery in Duluth, Minnesota showing the first grouping of oil paintings.  Humans and Horses gesturally connected with ropes or leashes.  This show was moved on to Prove Gallery (Duluth), then to Cafe Latte on grand avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota.  With the addition of new prints, Adelines, Inc. in Duluth premiered the latest in the series this year.I credit Vicky Tomayko with my new techniques used.  She taught a  summer class at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown.  I learned many new skills from her and as a result , have used paper-plate lithography, silkscreen, stencil, etching, and monotype printing in new ways.   I pull the same print through the press many times.  This exploration and experimentation have given my prints a more layered and complex look. ImageImage          

Woman, Horse

Monotype print, using paper plate lithography, silkscreen

TwirlinG  Woman

from a series done in ProvinceTown, MassachuseTs

Hello!  My first post on WordPress!  I have a new body of work, paintings finished this winter in Knife River, MN studio.  I combined figurative and animal themes and created a wall installation .  Paintings are on a golden background and include horse shapes and human figures.  The push and pull of ropes show up in all the paintings and suggest the theme, “horse to water”.

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